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The PS4s most prized indie games

Though Microsoft recently rolled back its policies on self-publishing, now allowing indie games to appear on the Xbox One with ease, Sony never made such a blunder against the indie crowd. Because of this, the PlayStation 4 already has a hefty amount of indie weight under its belt. More indie games are sure to follow, but below are nine of Sonys most prized indie acquisitions.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Obviously a comedy, this sequel stars everyones favorite dad of a human family who is secretly an octopus. The gameplay in the series is quite esoteric; performing menial human tasks is pretty difficult when youre an octopus stuffed into a suit, and the gameplay centers around just how difficult thatd be. The enemy in the game is essentially the controls itself, except its intentional, and is somehow fun. We cant wait, perhaps even more than a game about a loving father, caring husband, secret octopus should excite us.

Dont Starve base

Dont Starve

The game has been available on PC for a while now, but continues to receive minor and major updates. Its set in a Tim Burton-like, Johnny Deppless world that revolves around a Minecraft-style survival, but without the mining. There is still a ton of exploring, resource gathering, and collecting, so aside from making building so tall its an affront to god, almost all of your Minecraft urges can be satisfied. Better yet, the game actually has a loose story mode, so you can beat it instead of play it forever.

The Witness

Jonathan Blows first game to hit after Braid, The Witness takes place on a mysterious, colorful island filled with puzzles. Sounds like Myst, right? Hopefully, the game isnt some pretentious allegory about the atomic bomb like Braid is, but at least Blow has stated numerous times that hes essentially using The Witness as proof that puzzle-adventure games can be good. So, that might itll be good.


From Supergiant Games, the guys that brought you Bastion. If you liked Bastion, then Transistor will be the game for you, in that it looks extremely reminiscent of Bastion, except replaces the male lead with a female, and replaces arguably sensible weapons with Clouds Buster Sword if it were in Tron.

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