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Geek deals: Dell XPS 18 mobile desktop, loaded 1080p gaming laptop, more

Dell XPS 18 mobile desktop

The evolution of the personal computer has been slow, but steady. Everything is trending towards smaller and more portable, with our deal today being one of the more unique hybrids on the market today. Dells XPS 18 combines the best attributes of an all-in-one desktop PC and a mobile slate device, with us bringing the first-ever coupon to save you some cash.

The XPS 18 is built around an 18.4-inch 1080p IPS LCD, rocking those extra-wide viewing angles and rich colors that we all love. It of course has multi-touch support, perfect for the included Windows 8 preload. It is powered by your choice of 3rd gen Intel processors, starting with a dual-core Pentium and going up to a dual-core Core i7 with matching levels of RAM (4GB to 8GB) and storage (32GB to 500GB + 32GB mSATA).

The truly unique thing about this little AIO PC is that it weighs just 5 lbs and has a built-in battery for up to 5 hours of runtime. Integrated feet let you prop the device up in a number of positions for using about anywhere you want. There is an optional base stand that sets the slate up like a traditional monitor and also charges it, for those who want a simple plug-and-go home docking solution.

The cool factor of a portable AIO desktop is definitely strong with this deal and sweetening the pot is the first-ever discount on this new model. Right now you can grab $50 off any of the configurations, with models starting at $849.99 and free shipping.

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